Early Childhood Education in Overseas Communities: The case of Singapore (Online Forum)- Details

WIT Enterprises Ltd, the headquarter of Tongtian Education in Hong Kong, is an education service provider dedicated to the promotion of quality education  in early childhood. It is highly supported by Chinese University of Hong Kong. We are organizing a series of talks on early childhood education in overseascommunities. To launch the series, we are honored to invite Ms Thian Ai Ling, General Manager of National Trades Union Congress (NTUC) First Campus,  Singapore to speak about early childhood education in Singapore.

Early Childhood Education in Overseas Communities:
The case of Singapore (Online Forum)
27 March 2020 (Friday)
7:00-8:00 pm
Target audience

Anyone interested in education services abroad, including parents, principals, teachers, educators, professionals in education sector

Information on Singapore education system / advice on how to enroll in Singapore kindergartens / Q&A session
Main session (20 mins)   
a. Unique features of the Singaporean education system
b. Key aspects in the early childhood education framework
c. Strategies for kindergarten enrollment for families planning to emigrate to Singapore
Q & A session (40 mins)


Other details:

WIT Enterprises Ltd. (For more details)

The University of Cambridge-Chinese University of Hong Kong Joint Laboratory for Bilingualism (For more details);

Childhood Bilingualism Research Centre (For more details);

Chinese University of Hong Kong-Peking University-University System of Taiwan Joint Research Centre for
Language and Human Complexity (
For more details);

Featured speaker
Thian Ai Ling   
Speaker info

Thian Ai Ling is General Manager of My First Skool by National Trades Union Congress (NTUC) First Campus, a network of 141 childcare centres in Singapore, and afterschool, a student care service providing after-school care in primary schools. Ms Thian has initiated quality-improvement/change-management programs including K-to-Primary transition, technology strategic mapping, niche development with partners and agencies, and inter-generational programming. She also coaches a team of Area Directors, Cluster Quality Managers and Centre Principals on Systems Thinking, Strategic Planning and Leadership.

Before joining the pre-school sector in 2015, Ai Ling held the posts of Cluster Superintendent and Principal with the Ministry of Education (MOE). She holds a Masters from Columbia University (Teachers' College),
a Post-Graduate  Diploma in Education with the National Institute of Education (NIE) and a BA (Hons) from the National University  of Singapore.
She received the national Outstanding Youth in Education (OYEA)
Award in 2001 and the Lee
Kuan Yew's  Valedictorian Award at the 2008 National Institute of Education's Leaders in Education Programme. Ai Ling was also  one of the trained facilitators for the “Our Singapore's
Conversations” national series.

Prof. Virginia Yip (For more details)
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